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Making the “things” work…together

We bring intelligent technology to life with a proven platform that works so our clients can deliver a great consumer experience. Our end-to-end, white-label solution includes the following:

  • A world-class software suite
  • Robust data analytics solution
  • Comprehensive device ecosystem
  • Subscription-based service offering
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The Z1 Software Suite

The Z1 software suite is a complete IoT technology solution, including embedded hub/gateway software, cloud software and services, user experience design and deployment.


Zonoff’s cloud software and services provide remote access and device management for end-users and advanced analytics for clients. Our cloud and home software work together so consumers can control their home from anywhere, even if their Internet connection is compromised.



Our embedded software turns virtually any on-premise device (hub, wiring panel, end point device, security panel, HDTV, router, set top box, etc.) into a gateway for smart, seamless living. Our software communicates with the hundreds of devices in the home automation ecosystem using a variety of protocols including Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and proprietary protocols.

We provide our clients with hardware reference designs based on the Zonoff Distributed Radio Architecture (ZDRA). The ZDRA bridges multiple control and communications networks and makes it easy to add new RF protocols without replacing the hardware. Clients simply pick the features and capabilities they want to add to their products. There’s no need to worry about the underlying complexity.


zCommunicate is our user experience and design offering. We develop customized apps for your solution that run anywhere your customers are. Our innovative, proven user interface framework can be quickly customized with your brand and deployed to mobile devices, tablets and the web using iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems.

Zonoff Development Kit - ZDK

Zonoff provides an open device software development kit to qualified device partners who want to be part of the Zonoff device ecosystem. The ZDK allows device manufacturers to leverage their current technology and investments and easily join the Zonoff ecosystem, the most trusted collection of interoperable devices in the IoT.

To inquire about getting access to Zonoff’s Open Device SDK,
please fill out our form

Type of Protocol?

Please choose which type of wireless protocol you are using.

1) Standard Protocol

 Z-Wave ZigBee HA ZigBee LL ZigBee SE EnOcean Insteon KNX Other

What kind of differentiated features have you added to the protocol above?

2) IP Connectivity (WiFi)

 Open API Custom API

3) Proprietary Protocol - Manufacturer Specific

Complete Platform Solutions
Zonoff Services

Zonoff Services is our subscription-based service offering. We work with our clients to understand their consumers’ needs and then we develop offerings that enable subscription based services such as cloud-DVR, professional security monitoring, concierge services and more.

Key benefits to implementing a 
Zonoff white label solution

Interoperability - we are protocol and device agnostic
Expandability - a future-proofed solution that makes adding radios, protocols, devices and new services easy
Responsiveness and reliability - our hybrid on-premise/cloud architecture creates a system that is highly responsive and works when a internet connection is compromised
Scalability - an open platform that can grow with your business