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Our world-class consumer Internet of Things software and service platform was purposely built for application across a variety of vertical markets while addressing the individual needs and objectives of each industry. From retail to insurance and more, we are committed to empowering our clients to deliver smart, seamless living to the consumer mass market.


By offering a branded platform, retailers become the trusted advisor for technology hardware and services, creating a sticky relationship that builds their brand as a destination for technology.  Consumers of the Zonoff platform measure in the top 10% of profitability for our retail customers, spending over $500 in the first 6 months and attaching over 8 devices/hub. With the addition of services and the accompanying recurring revenue, owning a platform reinvents the retail selling model altogether.  

Consumer Electronics

By 2020, there are forecast to be over 25 billion connected devices used by consumers. From hubs and gateways, to end point devices, Zonoff enables device manufacturers to accelerate adoption by coexisting in a unified smart home. Creating interoperability between branded devices increases device functionality and enables consumers to buy with confidence. Our consumer IoT software can run in a variety of hardware offerings and enable nearly any endpoint device, making consumer electronics an ideal delivery method for smart living solutions. 

Service Providers

Service providers such as cable/ISP, wireless and security companies have a new opportunity to increase ARPU, enhance customer relationships and offer new subscription-based services by developing a branded IoT solution. Zonoff’s white-label IoT platform offers a turnkey approach with software, cloud services and mobile applications. Plus, our large device ecosystem and rich feature set allows coverage of every key consumer use case from smart security and home entertainment to convenience and efficiency. Service providers can reduce customer churn while increasing customer satisfaction with a differentiated offering using Zonoff’s consumer IoT platform.

Home Construction

83% of homebuilders respond that home technologies are important to marketing new homes to buyers. New home construction and remodeling are ideal opportunities to offer smart home solutions to homebuyers. Zonoff’s Distributed Radio Architecture makes it easy to offer expandable, whole home solutions into the home construction market. Offering a smart home solution in the home construction market will not only increase your company’s revenue but will also improve your customer’s brand engagement and overall satisfaction.


Water damage to American houses costs insurance companies over ten billion dollars each year in claims. If these households had an automatic leak detection or shut-off system integrated into a Zonoff-powered smart home ecosystem, these losses could have been mitigated down to a fraction of the current claim costs. If you are an insurance provider, why wouldn’t you install a Zonoff-powered ecosystem and use those saved billions of dollars to create new products and services? Our IoT platform is optimized for insurance companies that mitigate risk, reduce the cost of claims and can unlock the data doors to a deeper and more informed customer relationships.

Emerging Markets

Zonoff can open new opportunities for small businesses, the healthcare industry, energy industry, automobile industry and more. Small businesses can save on energy consumption, understand points of egress and ingress, and reduce costs over time. Energy companies can gain a better understand of demand and control during peak energy hours. Integrating automobile and home can unlock new data sets and drive exciting new use cases. The Connected healthcare market is exploding and projected to reach $26 billion by 2017. No matter the industry, Zonoff’s platform can deliver for your needs. 

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We believe you are what you build

We believe you are what you build. Yes, Zonoff builds a reliable technology platform but also builds great relationships because of the trust and integrity we demonstrate with actions and attitude.


Somfy Tahoma

Somfy is the world's leading manufacturer of window covering motors, with a trained installer network across North America. They launched the Somfy TaHomA offering in 2011 to provide their clients a full seamless living and control solution.

Staples Connect

Staples, the world's largest office products company and the second largest internet retailer, wanted to innovate their home technology offering and better influence their customer's purchases. In the fall of 2013, Staples chose Zonoff to develop the award-winning home automation solution, Staples Connect.