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3 ways the ‘Internet of Things’ will improve customer relations

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Apple Launches voice-controlled home security 

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A sensored landscape 

5.18.2015 – 1to1 Media
The Internet of Me

5.15.2015 – The Architechnologist 
Zonoff and Connect Connects with Bose and Nest

5.14.2015 – Keystone Edge
Homes get smarter, Malvern’s Zonoff gets bigger

5.14.2015 – TWICE
Zonoff Automation System Connects to Nest, Bose

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Home Automation Company Zonoff Announces Integration with Nest and Bose

5.06.2015 – Technical.ly Philly 
See photos of Zonoff’s massive new office

5.05.2015 – Philly.com
Internet of Things: $110MM ColdLight buy is PTC’s 2d Phila. deal

4.27.2015 – TWICE
Zonoff Expands HQ, Executive Staff

4.27.2015 – WPSU
Student Innovators Gather for HackPSU

4.24.2015 – Daily Local News
Zonoff celebrates Malvern headquarters location

03.20.2015 – Tom’s Guide
Smart Home Guie: What to Know Before You Buy

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Dealers: Opportunity Knocking on Connected-Home’s Door

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Is Now the Time to “Smartify” Your Home? 

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DIY Smart-Home Outlook: What’s In Store

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Gateway, The “Brain” in a Connected Home

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Lowe’s Iris vs Staples Connect Home Automation 

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5 Smart home gadgets we’re excited about from CES

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Beep-less Alerts from Staples Connect

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Future-proofing the smart home startup

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Smart TV and Bose integrations for Staples Connect at CES

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Re-Envisioning the Workplace of the Future with Penclic, Zonoff and Adonit

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Staples Connect Will Bring Smart Home Alerts to Some HDTVs

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Staples Connect Adds “Modes” & Zigbee Bulbs

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Staples Heightens Customer Engagement with Ambient Alerts

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Staples Announces Ambient Alerts for Staples Connect, on Display at CES

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Zonoff to Demonstrate New Product Integrations and Innovations at CES 2015

01.06.2015 – Retailing Today
Staples Hope to Cash in on ‘Smart Home’ Trend

12.28.2014 – Philadelphia Inquirer
PhillyDeals: Helping to Link Home, Computing Devices

12.05.2014 – Wharton: University of Pennsylvania 
‘Things’ Are Heating Up: What’s New in the Internet of Things 

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Zonoff raises $32M for ‘Internet of things’ software

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3 Reasons Staples Connect Was Overlooked

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Journey to an Organized Life: A Smarter Home with Staples Connect

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Creating Scalable Consumer Products & Services in the Internet of Things Era

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Staples Connect D-Link Hub Now Shipping 

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Get Staples’ New Connect Hub with Bluetooth, Zigbee for Free!

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Staples and Zonoff Partner with D-Link for Home Automation Hub 

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After Revolv and Smart Things, What’s Next For Smart Home Acquisitions?

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5 Trends Coming to the Smart Home in 2015 

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5 Useful Innovations Spotted at Getgeeked New York 

10.02.2014 – The Clever Life (article plus video)
Zonoff Demos Smart Home Showroom

09.30.2014 – Boston Business Journal
Zonoff Receives “Product Innovation Award” from Staples CEO

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Staples Connect Home Automation System

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Building the Connected Home

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3 Reasons Why The Connected Home Will Be Defined By Big Brands

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2nd Annual TWICE VIP Awards Honor The Best

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Battle of the Home Automation Hubs

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Bridging The Gap As The Smart Home Industry Expands

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Staples Ups Ante In Wearables, Home Automation

07.01.2014 – ReadWrite Home
Future-Proofing The Smart Home: Staples Thinks It Has The Answer

07.01.2014 – Electronic House
Staples Connect Smart Home Adds Devices, Gets Cheaper

06.30.2014 – GigaOM
Staples takes its connected home business nationwide

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Staples upgrades its Connect smart-home hub

06.30.2014 – CEPro
Staples Hub Slashed to $49; New Model Adds Bluetooth, ZigBee

06.30.2014 – TWICE
Staples Expands Home-Automation, Wearables Efforts

06.15.2014 – WinBeta
App for Windows 8.1 makes home automation a breeze

05.28.2014 – O’Reilly Radar
Business Models That Make the Internet of Things Feasible

05.23.2014 – The Smart Home Show / Michael Wolf
Podcast interview with Zonoff CEO Mike Harris

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Connected Homes: Cable Opportunities

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Staples Director on Educating Consumers About the Connected Home

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5 Things To Consider Before Wiring Up Your Smart Home

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Brave New World

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Consumer Reports: Running A Home From A Phone

04.28.2014 – GigaOM
Security is Driving Smart Home Adoption, Staples Adds More Cameras

04.25.2014 – TWICE
Zonoff Adds More Security Cameras For Home-Control System

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Why It’s Useful to Have a Staff With a Wide Age Range

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Smarthome Ecosystems

04.09.2104 – O’Reilly Radar
Business Models that Make the Internet of Things Feasible

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Light It Up: The Connected Home’s Battle Of The Bulbs

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Smarthome, Pulling It All Together

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Here’s Why The TV May One Day Control The Smart Home

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Dealers Eye Mass-Market Home Control, Monitoring

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Staples Connect Hub Review

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Smart Home Market Partnerships… The Staples + Zonoff story

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Staples And Zonoff Expand Staples Connect Platform

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Print: Staples Connect Home Automation Solution
Video: Staples Connect Home Automation Solution

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Smart Home Startup Advice : User interface design trends

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Staples Connect: One small step toward the smart-home singularity

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Zonoff Links Home Automation Silos Via Staples Connect

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Will Smart Home Technology Systems Make Consumers More Energy Efficient?

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Google’s Purchase of Nest Opens Home to New Analytics Use Cases

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Staples to Expand Connected Home Offerings

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CES 2014: Smart Homes Open Their Doors

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Which CES 2014 Smart Home System is Best Suited For You?

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Zonoff helps Staples Step Into the Smart Home

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Staples Connect vs. Lowe’s Iris: Home Automation Smackdown at CES 2014

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Staples and Zonoff Expand Connect Home and Office Automation Program

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Big Box Retailers Make a Big Bet on the Connected Home at CES

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Staples Strengthens Position in Automation Marketplace

01.07.2014 – Security Sales and Integration
Staples Gears Up for Broad Expansion of Its Automation Platform

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CES Tech show: Totally Connected

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5 Smart Home Companies to Watch in 2014

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10 Most Popular Web Stories of 2013: Lowe’s Iris, Staples Connect, Nest, HDBaseT

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Appliances and the smart home at CES 2014: A deluge, a glut

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5 Big Home Tech Trends from 2013

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Malvern Firm Making Strides in Home Automation

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The Rise of the Connected Home: Venture Capital Funding to Home Automation Hits $468M Since 2012

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15 Internet Devices to Make Life Easier — or Less Annoying

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The Internet of Thing’s Smart Devices Are More Accessible Than Ever

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Staples Connect launches to tame the smart home

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Staples Connect Home Automation Hits Stores Today

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Staples launches Staples Connect

11.26.2013 – The Peggy Smedley Show – Connected World
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The Battle For The Connected Home Is Heating Up

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Connected Home Platforms: 7 questions with the Zonoff’s Mike Harris

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Staples Connect to bring Connected Home to the Mass Market

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One Connected Home Hub To Rule Them All

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Zonoff CEO Shares Insights on Smarthome Services

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Zonoff: Making Smart Home Technology Accessible

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Starbucks Links Coffee Makers to Web Fueling $27B Market

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Connecting with Zonoff

10.19.2013 – GigaOM – Mike Harris, Guest Editorial
Connected TV points the way forward for the internet of things

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How Retail Will Bring the Internet of Things to the Mass Market

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House Of The Future:
How Automation Tech Is Transforming The Home

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The Smart Home Episode: Mike Harris of Zonoff

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How These Retailers Are Pressuring Amazon

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Powerful Automation Solutions Getting More Affordable

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Malvern’s Zonoff gets connected with Staples

09.27.2013 – Retail Touchpoints
Staples Connect Hub Links Home And Office Technology To Smartphones

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Left the door unlocked? A new Staples web initiative offers help

09.25.2013 – GigaOM Pro
Staples Connected Home Push Big News

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Want to stay connected to your office? Staples has an app for that

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Home Automation Wars Heat Up

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Wrangle your smart home devices with Staples Connect

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Staples Connect offers consumers a taste of their connected futures

09.24.2013 – TWICE
Staples To Add Home-Automation Section To Stores

09.24.2013 – CE Pro
Staples Launches Connect Home Automation; Teams with Lutron for Lighting, Shades

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Staples Wants To Help Bring The Internet Of Things To Your Home

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Staples Connect Gives the Smart Home Its Best Shot Yet at the Mainstream

09.24.2013 – Electronic House
Staples Connect Aims to Make Home Automation Easy

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Staples Introduces Staples Connect App

09.24.2013 – GigaOM
Move over Best Buy: Staples wants to be your shop for the connected home

09.24.2013 – GigaOM IoT Podcast
Staples to become a one-stop shop for office supplies and smart home devices

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Can Staples Connect the Home?

08.29.2013 – Electronic House
Comcast Homeware to Power Shades, Garage Doors

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Betting on Smart Homes

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Mass Market Home Control, Again

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Behind the Company: Q&A With Zonoff’s CEO

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The Internet of Things: Changing Business Models for CE Brands

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IoT Breakdown: Deconstructing the Internet of Things

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How to Design a More Intuitive Home

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This Could Be The Startup That Brings The Internet Of Things To The Mainstream

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Homes Are Getting “Smarter,” But How Will They “Think”?

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How To Makes Our Living Spaces More Efficient

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Four Reasons Why Big-Box Retailers Need a Connected Home Strategy

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Malvern Company Changing Home Sweet Home

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How The Internet Of Things Will Think

07.09.2013 – Wall Street Journal Live (Video)
Will You Connect Your Gadgets to Internet of Things?

06.27.2013 – Postscapes
Connected Home Platforms: 7 questions with the CEO of Zonoff Mike Harris

06.25.2013 – Philadelphia Business Journal
House of the Future May Have Philly Feel

06.20.2013 – SDM Magazine
Zonoff Opens Home Automation Platform With Launch of Open Device SDK

06.13.2013 – PandoDaily
Embrace the Incumbents: Zonoff wants to help large companies break into the Internet of Things

04.18.2013 – GigaOM
Zonoff gets $3.8M to connect the smart home with super software

04.18.2013 – M2M World
Driving Smart Home Adoption

01.29.2013 – Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and TechnologiesZonoff a Finalist in “Technology Startup” Award Category

01.04.2013 – Yahoo Finance
Zonoff Announces Launch of Cutting-Edge Home Automation Technology at 2013 CES in Las Vegas

01.03.2013 – Philadelphia Inquirer
New Technology Products Get Splash in Las Vegas

11.16.2012 – AlwaysOn Network
Zonoff Recognized as “Top 100” Private Tech Company in Mid-Atlantic

05.15.2012 – Flying Kite
On and Off: Zonoff Hiring Three to Ramp Up Smart Home Software

05.14.2012 – Philadelphia Business Journal
Home Tech Company Funded by Ben Frankling Group

05.08.2012 – Philly Tech News
Ben Franklin Southeastern Pennsylvania Approves $675,000 in Funding for Six Startups

04.30.2012 – Electronic House
Automation in a Small House with TaHomA

04.11.2012 – Z-Wave Alliance
Z-Wave Alliance Presents Solutions for the “Digital Home” at Light+Building 2012

03.16.2012 – Z-Wave Alliance
High momentum for Z-Wave at CeBIT 2012

01.30.2012 – Electric Utility T&D
Bridging the Consumer Divide with Smart Meter Data

01.06.2012 – CE Pro
Home Automation at CES 2012: Where to Find It

01.06.2012 – Philadelphia Business Journal
Zonoff Links Systems for Home

12.29.2011 – GreenTech Advocates
7 Green Home Tech Trends of 2011

10.28.2011 – ScreenPlays
Connected-Home Services Become Another OTT Challenge for NSPs

10.12.2011 – TechCrunch
Somfy’s TaHomA Lets You Control The House From Your iPad

09.26.2011 – GreenTech Advocates
Bridge Links Electric Meters to Z-Wave Networks in the House

09.26.201 – Sigma Designs
Sigma Designs Enables Any Meter to Talk Directly to Z-Wave Ecosystem

09.12.2011 – CocoonTech.com
CEDIA 2011: Review of the Somfy TaHoma System

09.10.2011 – Rave Pubs
CEDIA 2011: Somfy Systems Presents the TaHomA Home Automation

03.02.2011 – CE Pro
Behind Somfy’s TaHomA System: A Sleeper Home Automation Engine

"Staples’ connected home platform may still be in its infancy, but Staples and Zonoff have put a tremendous amount of thought into solving some of the biggest problems in the space, including setup, integration, and ease of use."

− Richard Gunther, DMZ

"Of the three platforms, Staples Connect is my favorite because it integrates with more external devices, costs less for the hub and doesn’t have a monthly service fee. Of all the platforms I reviewed a month ago it’s the one I’m likely to buy."

− Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM

"This attempt at bringing home automation to the mass market, if successful, could greatly boost sales for Staples. The proprietary nature of the hub, along with the myriad of brands supporting it, gives the program a real chance at success."

− Motley Fool